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PostSubject: GEN.SAN TOURNEY   Tue Jan 22, 2008 3:05 pm

repost ko lang mga kuya: Source:

"KINGDOM OF GENERALS ... Gensan Kalilangan Festival"

S.W.A.T. Gensan & City Gov't. of General Santos in celebration of the KALILANGAN FESTIVAL proudly presents:

February 23 - 24, 2008
Game site: Notre Dame of Dadiangas University, Gensan City

- Single round robin
- 15 man per team MAX
- 16 teams MAX

Registration fee is php 5,000.00 PER TEAM.

Registration must be PER TEAM BASIS not individual registration.

Teams with less than 15 players must also pay the whole team reg fee of 5,000.00.

Inclusive of:
- Saturday pack Lunch and drink
- Sunday pack lunch and drink


CHAMPION - Trophy + 10,000
1 Runner up - Trophy + 8,000
2 Runner up - Trophy + 5,000

Best in Tactics Award - Trophy
Sportsmanship Award - Trophy

For further info contact:

0917-7142208 Rhomer
0921-7354112 Roger
0917-2494985 Geodic


Proposed Site Layout :

NOTE: We will be making additional improvements to the site design from time to time. Final site layout will be seen on game day.


- Players must be at least 18 years old and above.

- Tournament will be composed of 16 teams maximum. Each team is limited to 15 players maximum.

- Game time will be limited to 8 minutes only.

- Radios and/or electronics communication are prohibited.

- Bladed weapons, real firearms, explosives are strictly prohibited in the tournament area.

- Gas/electric pistols and gas rifles are prohibited.

- All AEGs are required to be tested using a Chronograph. Maximum gun velocity will be limited to 450 fps using 0.20 gms bbs. Stickers will be placed in AEGs.

- Test firing zone will be provided for dry firing and gun fixing. All AEGs must have their safety on at all times to avoid accidental firing which may cause injuries.

- Masks and/or eye & face protection must be worn at all times within the playing area and should only be removed when outside the playing area. Removal of Masks and/or eye & face protection within the game area carries a penalty of 1 yellow card per offense.

- Mask and/or eye & face protection when staying near the game area boundary.

- Structures have been built to enhance the playing enjoyment but are not permanent and adequate care should be taken not to interfere with them so as to render them unsafe.

- All players are not allowed to wear white t-shirts even if wearing vest.

- ALCHOHOLIC DRINKS and/or DRUGS are strictly prohibited. Any players under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry to the tournament site.

- When hit, shout hit, stand up and raise your arm/aeg in the air. Then quickly proceed to a safe zone.

- No coaching. Dead Men Tell No Tales.

- No HIT Calling. No Blind Firing. No Grappling of AEG.

- Over killing constitutes an automatic YELLOW CARD. Repetitive offenders will be given a RED card at marshal’s discretion.


- Arguing and/or insulting the Game Marshals will constitute automatic YELLOW CARD. Repetitive offenders will be given a RED CARD at marshal’s discretion.

- Arguing and/or insulting other players will constitute automatic YELLOW CARD. Players instigating quarrel will be given RED CARD at marshal's discretion.

- Eliminated players may leave their AEG in the exact place where he was hit. Handing out of AEG by the eliminated player to other players is prohibited.

- AEGs left by eliminated players may be used by any players of both opposing teams.

- Players without aeg can only go for the objective. A knife kill can be considered hit if the player is carrying aeg.

- Only team leaders are allowed to approach the Game Master at the Organizer's area for any queries on game rules and results but will not be allowed to stay.

- Organizer's area is prohibited to all participants, participant's relatives and guests unless being requested by the Game Master.

- All relatives and guests of participating players must stay at the designated area for each team.

- Red Cross Volunteers are available incase of emergencies.

- Report all lost and found items within the tournament area to the Game Master for proper disposition.

NOTE: We will be updating the general rules and safety guides if necessary. Each team will be provided the final rules & safety guides on game day.
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shit happens!


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PostSubject: Re: GEN.SAN TOURNEY   Fri Jan 25, 2008 8:08 pm

murag gwapo ang site da....

tan awon lang nato ug malibre ang uban nga ghosts...kay ako HASTANG LIBREHA. nyahahahahaha
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Localisation : Israeli
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PostSubject: Re: GEN.SAN TOURNEY   Mon Jan 28, 2008 11:59 am

aehehehehehhe... gubat na ta.....
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PostSubject: Re: GEN.SAN TOURNEY   

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