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 the result let I to guess supra

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the result let I to guess supra Empty
PostSubject: the result let I to guess supra   the result let I to guess supra Icon_minitimeWed Jun 15, 2011 10:30 am

Supra Shoes Skytop I said to drink the wine after the song is rain, and sure enough, it rain, it the day help me also. As the son stood in the fence look at 13 before the rain falls on the lake to thin, don't know now what was she thinking about, but I'm sure that I was greatly shocked her once, in ancient times, piano, chess painting and calligraphy as long as you have talent and willing to work hard, they will become a generation of superior or grandmaster characters, and with the current technology level, want to predict the weather changes, was unthinkable, the most reasonable explanation is: this man is not people, is god!!As the son of a long time to see the rain turned and said quietly: "QinDaGe, you win, I lose this time is convinced."
Supra Shoes TK Society Then, she went to my in front, staring at my eyes and said: "QinDaGe, you actually is a kind of person, it is to let a I can't see through, you how many ability without plays out, can let me know?"I watched as the son of one face looking forward to, I want to tell her I came from the world of the future, also want to tell aircraft, artillery, automobile, computer or something, but I told her that she can trust? Never! I think for a while before will evade the ground to say: "as the son, in fact this thing looks mysterious, but none is a simple. I and taught me the teacher of XiangShu learning XiangShu, he taught me some weather forecasting method, all of the change in the weather is it leaves tracks.
Supra Shoes Vaiders For example today I say evening light rain can do, we in the mountain wind gust of wind, when I smell the wind has heavy damp flavor, meaning that a piece of take rain cloud has been moving to, I look at the sky is blue in the distance, this shows that piece of the cloud is far from us, so I conclude that night when it to come to us here, why I said is, for it was now? The light rain fall, is less rain season, the general situation won't have the heavy rain, say here's long time it didn't rain, so I said a light rain tonight, actually said after my in the mind also not sure, the result let I to guess it, that's what it is.As the son listen to nodded his head, like a truth, then shook his head.
Supra Shoes Cuban Seems to think what place still is wrong, and finally a bit odd to say: "the understanding seemed quite reasonable, and like it, but I think around is strange, you said, when I was a kid thing say very accurate, some things even my family do not know, but I know, or let you said it, I think this is no trace of this and how to follow, explanation?"I andao, before bad news and she said it's just to show their time, have never thought as the son is so rigorous, the thought it to all be manage, analysis the can? But I thought and understand that the nine points, in fact as son heart is my time wants to say that it can have even the whole world of emperor city about these days, I predict some things look are fulfilled, and from various aspects to prove what I said accuracy.
Supra Shoes Thought of here I said: "as the son, heaven and earth change is full of mystery, is mysterious, but there is always an invisible hand in traction us, guide bullets and social development. Like the last time I was in an arrow heart and assassin, is there are ten shaw cure too much is not going to save me, but I must live down and with the miracle to explain very reluctantly, but wonders what is behind? You don't know, I don't know."According to my son be mysterious, as son also explain something indistinctly a little make careless, how also not understand, can't sighed said: "yes, there are a lot of mysterious phenomenon is difficult to explain, by day by destiny!"
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the result let I to guess supra
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