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 Attractive Tourist Spots in Kerala

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PostSubject: Attractive Tourist Spots in Kerala   Attractive Tourist Spots in Kerala Icon_minitimeFri Jul 13, 2007 5:50 pm

cherry If plans have already been made for a Travel to Kerala then be it. Since Kerala is one of the most preferred locations, the access to the place has become lots more easier be it by air, rail or by road. Like a Star @ heaven

If you plan to go by rail then the best point to get down is Ernakulam and from there you can just opt to use the road. A taxi is the best option as you can witness the authentic traditionalism in every bit of Kerala. From Ernakulam the rest of the other districts are very accessible. If your plan is to stay for just four to five days then make quick decisions to enjoy every bit of Kerala in just a few days that you plan to spend there.

Like a Star @ heaven From Ernakulam it depends as to where you want to go. If you want to enjoy the backwater lagoons then Aleppey is very closely situated to Ernakulam. You can always hire a taxi from there. If your trip is organized by the tour operator then there is simply no reason to worry.

Like a Star @ heaven Once you reach Aleppey you can have a word with the agents who can lead you to the boathouses. Walking in the midst of thick plantations you enter the area near boathouses which are either owned by individuals or by resort groups. If you are planning to save a few bucks then go for individual owned boathouse and make sure that you choose the one with a balcony view on the top as it is the most fascinating scene at the time of the dusk where you just see the dim lights glowing from other boats and the picturesque view of the moon as the fresh evening air just gushes in the lungs.

Like a Star @ heaven You feel completely lost in the midst of the water. In the boat house you are also provided with a kitchen and the cook as well and make sure you eat only the Kerala food as its taste is a real feast to the tongue just like the beautiful view is a feast to the eyes. And what more the boathouse has a comfortable and cozy bed which instantly puts you to sleep. Make sure you stay in the boathouse for at least a day as a day stay becomes life’s best memory.

Like a Star @ heaven Since the stay is short you can head towards Munnar soon after the boathouse. Make sure you again take a taxi because you can enjoy the blow of cool and rich air on your face. Make sure you visit one of the temples there and if you plan to go there during some festival season then you can witness the elephants brightly dressed with jewels.

Like a Star @ heaven On the way to Munnar you get to witness many water falls. Once you reach Munnar you can just check in one of the hotels and can immediately stroll into the tea or coffee plantations. Make sure you settle in for good ayurvedic massage after a long travel as it really soothes and relaxes the limbs.

Elephant rides and boat rides are real fun. To beget the best of Kerala it is better to go during the monsoon. alien
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PostSubject: Re: Attractive Tourist Spots in Kerala   Attractive Tourist Spots in Kerala Icon_minitimeSat Jul 14, 2007 1:10 am

ngee kinsa ni?
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Attractive Tourist Spots in Kerala
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