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 7. D with poison..

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PostSubject: 7. D with poison..   7. D with poison.. Icon_minitimeTue Apr 19, 2011 9:54 pm

Braun and ChuMing back to the inn,Air Jordan Shoes see land once haven't come back, also is an open mind, two pediatric nonsense of came.ChuMing years don't forget again, then flirted Braun a ghost say with smile: "larks ah, I want to take a bath."ChuMing Braun know this is obvious jokes, take her back way: "good ah, together we wash it, but you will be responsible for oh."ChuMing see this flirt fails, unavoidable threatened again somewhat lost, then dragged away topic, way: "this city is beautiful class classification, but it wasn't our larks beautiful."Braun haha smiled several voice, way: "small Wolf really be an uneducated little sex maniac, even talk to all say silly."ChuMing this praise was laughed at some kind of, suddenly feel some angry, way: "very good, I be unlearned, somebody else cold
Braun listened to, have frowned, way:Jordan Shoes "you this small sex maniac, how to speak of, what hot ass face posted cold, somebody else don't want to give you this color face posted!"ChuMing helpless shrug their shoulders, way: "rightness, you give me about this medical poison conference affair, I three years ago when it has been ill hair, so no consciousness, wake up of time this conference would be over, this time can't miss it."Braun say with smile: "I didn't expect you to a small Wolf also interested in to this thing around? Well, nothing, I'll take me away from my dad that hear tell you!"Braun cleared his throat,continued: "this medical poison congress's thing, dates back to fifty years ago, also is the first generation on Tuesday 'flat day in the rush' and the king, my grandfather XueQing their age.
When my grandpa XueQing poisonous meritorious server,Cheap Jordan Shoes and person also compares insolent, above in wulin sinned against the many people, those who were organized a group of wu3 lin2's personage killed into the when my grandfather is now dwelling, the qingzhou mountain high. I three-ring city at practice because poisonous meritorious grandfather divingheader really does not fear them, because in then qingzhou city three-ring mountain a grim struggle began, probably fights the hung out day, that group of people to my grandfather poison down!" Braun said and dance, presumably is very proud of his grandpa's poisonous meritorious service.ChuMing had no intention of this poisonous meritorious and fight, and urge asked: "what happened next, what next?"
Braun said to GaoXingChu, nature is not so stop,Air Jordan Shoes cleared his throat, continued: "that group of waste ah, all will be in front of my grandfather to live, I death is also the pull at my grandpa, so whether they anyway, to piss them off, at this time? The smelly carrying-pole is coming!""Wait, you wait! Carrying-pole? Is flat amala?" ChuMing stayed larks, way: "if somebody else to find fault, you also don't change the name ah, somehow is somebody else on Tuesday, a first generation of the representative of age."ChuMing Braun white eye, way: "you have to listen to not listen, listen to me don't interrupt!"ChuMing wry smile can not, can nod promised.Braun continued: "where? Oh, yes, the flat blunt? Just passing three-ring mountains, at that time he was CaiYao right, then met my grandpa and that group of waste.
The flat blunt is a good thing and he who came stopped my grandfather,Nike air jordans then to the group of people, less than an hour just detoxification treatment, this also is completed all let me grandpa produce surprised, when my grandpa also guess he must be the first Tuesday, then came up and flat blunt, but with his feats: oh, that is also very flat blunt the hubbub, say what my grandpa's poisonous meritorious as level, is the medical up like it's a piece of cake: oh, you say he is very arrogant ah, my grandfather but poisonous king!" ChuMing Braun, shaking like a vice anger.ChuMing the wave is abnormal afflictive, hurriedly catch larks, way: "don't shake, you grandpa, I think is not so easy was exiled, unilaterally continued say they things!"Braun nodded, way: "you say well gee.
My grandfather was hit back at his sentence,jordan sneakers said he is under the bottom of the poison, and if his own solution poisoned an hour can without two up all that group life to underground, the first 100 days is just so so. This healing a, that flat blunt and my grandpa to, so the two of them began to together, this poor that group of hero, they are my grandfather was poison, then flat rushed and go back and forth, so the compare-test detoxification day, that group of people died just half, grandpa were irked by, say what tied s word, that really is generally flat blunt, and the two of them decided to partition time once, and this decision contests in the cities, people often open later classification respectively, the two medical poison under the world collecting flat blunt surgeon.
Grandpa borrows the world hand also collecting house,Air Jordan Shoes created'poisoned poisonous door',two million homes in the city's most powerful classification, due to grandpa XueQing and flat blunt two years can't tie relationship, this one has now, compare-test later are also contests, but recently the continuously is poison home defeat in fifteen years, I pa also had to face and to keep the house from poison." dale out,ChuMing nodded, sighed, way: "this man ah, all must not than a high wall, see that god, river's lake person to list and hard life, this is all for the sake of what? Life isn't very good? Peace is the first."ChuMing Braun to stare at, way: "worthless man, have so good condition to become the world on this year's list, but you then superior sneakingly, you say you, pathetic ah you!"
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7. D with poison..
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