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 8. Cure poison assembly (a)....

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8. Cure poison assembly (a).... Empty
PostSubject: 8. Cure poison assembly (a)....   8. Cure poison assembly (a).... Icon_minitimeFri Apr 22, 2011 10:46 am

ChuMing touched his ass,Air Jordan Shoes now must be swelling, looking at a bit of what aside laugh by Braun, said: "how can you talk nonsense? Against my ass!"Braun openings, lu had ranging from first scold a way: "smelly boy return not bashful say, not you first open mouth somebody else will echo Braun and do you this is what a suck!"Braun smile like a nod, the appearance of the favour of vice play."Bah!"Chu state twist the recognization of lie down on the bed.Lu hadshakes his head, then to larks ask a way: "you pa others?"Braun way: "he and several uncle in a meeting? This seems ready to go up the dew two he's too proud not to, hee hee."Lu has surprised way: "how, xue kid will attend the medical poison conference?"Braun nodded, way: "lu grandpa do go to, the whole city was preaching? Classification show."
The ChuMing grumpily put on 1:Jordan Shoes "his 80% robbing the cradle to! Argh!Lu once listenned to this words, a little anger way: "smelly boy abandon his butt is too small or what? Want to continue to change?"Chu, from one state twist.Lu was a motioning with his hand, way: "no reason this stoudemire, be I spoil the mouth smelly matter!" Then sit aside chairs, way: "you pa and flat interfaces grew up together, brother satire to friendship should not to want to start work, so you pa just often occupies the poison dale, ignore the qingzhou of medical poison two. This uzziel out-of-the-way bro back to qingzhou must be pushed all platform to just and flat interfaces bro spell the technique, the impoverished medical poison?"raun confused he asked: "what bad? Is not a test!"
Lu once shook his head, way: "don't so simple?Cheap Jordan Shoes The usual uzziel out-of-the-way bro, so even if the poison in its home has been pressing, still have excuses and reason, but this uzziel out-of-the-way bro out valley means poison home has walked the last step, xue keep their home for out-of-the-way face also won't hold less, while a flat interfaces are not like you, father phil as weak thin fame and wealth, has always been looking for opportunities and uzziel the toughest kid of destruction, the opportunity to also won't let go, affirmation is best, this BaoBuDing will make both the spell a life-and-death, no matter which one's had an accident is not good."Braun is believed not looked at the land once, then a way: "how can ah, pa and flat interfaces to good."
Lu had smiled once,Air Jordan Shoes way: "I wish I were a worrywart ah."The second day morning between heard knocking at the door ChuMing hazy, up the voice of a look, see land had had opened the door and stood in front of it was yesterday the along while disappear stormy.And MingYiXiao, then to chu seems and continental said a few words, after he left.Lu have shut the door and beat a yawn, also want to continue to sleep debt-collection sleep.ChuMing touched eyes, way: "take uncle to stem what?"Lu was dismissive of say: "come to say goodbye.""Goodbye?" ChuMing was surprised, because he knew all the way from the laborious mind ride son to know some xiaoxiang thing, but has been out for the CengHeChu lu Ming cleverness, let him at all, but are not to talk to here to give up, was sort of let people don't quite understand.
Lu had ha a sigh of relief,Nike air jordans way: "all good things must come to an end and early, lest too scattered or tending but is didn't still wary."ChuMing pie mouth way: "this I later will not eat chicken!"Lu had severely stared at him, way: "smelly boy mouth so mixed, someday will because you this mouths kill yourself, hum!"ChuMing lackadaisical he turned over, way: "I am willing to support dead."Lu had no longer be pay attention to, the child with the simply unreasonable.ChuMing see land once lay to sleep debt-collection sleep, oneself also feel boring, a sideways, also sleep in the past.SiShi end, two talents successively up, take turns wash your face.Lu had to ask a way: "tomorrow, today noon medical poison congress, you go see don't go?"
After ChuMing wipe face,jordan sneakers shout tone, way: "such good nature is little not at pull, and time is not too will be looking for flat interfaces for I slow down toxicity uncle?"Lu had sighed, way: "I'm afraid is not so simple luo, you better pray you toxicity slowly attack, the more the better." later dayChuMing will face wipes away to one side, way: "you old like a worrywart to pull! Okay, we don't start to go, not see this event?"Lu had patted clothes, way: "good, let's go, I also want to look at this years missing medical poison the assembly."Two people tandem come out of the room, facing down the stairs, the center plaza city qingzhou. UplinkThis medical poison conference held once every three years before HouLiu name by qingzhou LiuDong to do notarization martell died, but a few years ago, LiuDong illness painfully.
The position of the qingzhou hou imperial let liu name for his father when.Air Jordan Shoes HouLiu name after PC classification of his father, starting out as per triennial medical poison assembly notary public.Cure poison conference on contests method and wu3 lin2's titled is different, rules are both sides one can only send a member by notaries onstage, and then provides a three-drug hou qingzhou. Poison home here, and death row poison must be over there must be the subject of a column, cessor death-row life sweet, by force necessary can let the other party not start, poison home can also use force interference in its treatment of the poison has death-row. If a column after death row not dead, incense, then win, if necessary, it is poisonings row poison home win. So convention medical poison than medical skill and poison not compare-test reactive.
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8. Cure poison assembly (a)....
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